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Tuesday, 17. April 2012

office professional plus 2010 "These industries of high input

By lucy19, 04:46

 office professional plus 2010 "These industries of high input

and high sales, there is a big risk, the industry on the risk of online trading is Microsoft Office 2010 difficult to avoid, and so we shall not access." Pay treasure chief said.

Currently, only access credit card to pay for the large amount of taobao platform of merchants to have many 10000. Pay treasure aspects is at the end of the third 2010 office professionalquarter of this year the number is expected to reach 2.

Our correspondent SuManLi

tips how to use large pay

1. With taobao shopping platform in as an example, the user need only in taobao input to find products home page.

2. In "service" project selection "credit card", can see points column microsoft office outlook of all credit card payment services support the large amount of merchants and goods.

3. Users to select products after click "immediate purchase", enter to pay treasure to the page.

4. In the page click into new "credit card" project, can choose any of the six Banks, credit card payment.

Press and publication administration reported yesterday morning cleaning the network game's recent renovation. At present domestic operation of more than 200 of a total of 71 network games because of all sorts of issues are investigated and dealt with, and home enterprise is online warning, 10 enterprise leadership is in JieMian talk.

microsoft office2010 This function is through Google Maps of the mobile

By lucy19, 04:45

microsoft office2010 This function is through Google Maps of the mobile

version from My Location positioning function of anonymous ms 2010 office user data. Google will be on your use process, sent anonymous information to themselves, whenever you on their opening My Location function, part of the material and anonymous way back to Google headquarters, including your position and speed.

The extension of the traffic maps, driving people to another layer of services, but Google is not mobile data in the first turn road conditions. Israel is the founder Waze start-up Microsoft Office 2010 companies. The company not only provides the main highway and plane road conditions, even smaller road is also included. In fact, Waze available in driver mobile phone material, cooperate with the motion of the vehicle condition, making a very accurate urban traffic map. Drivers can also be active bulletin traffic accident and other events. microsoft office2010 Before departure, Waze can offer a better than Google road conditions figure more useful instant path chart.

Waze have great concept, but no scale. Like many online social network, you must have enough users, to establish enough portion of the database. In Google, have already has a huge fan of the use, and it established the highway and main roads in the plane of the material. If Google is smart enough, they can not only provide more details of the secondary road traffic, still can add many such as Waze etc company is developing interactive function.

Friday, 16. March 2012

microsoft office download 2010 As Windows7 release,

By lucy19, 10:17

microsoft office download 2010 As Windows7 release,

more touch jing all-in-one PC market

"The computer not in line," the ideal has by computer-integrated which realize, with the first paragraph of the world by asus all touch all-in-one PC, more touch Microsoft Office all-in-one PC market leading future family is already under way, according to foshan each store says, more touch body had been on computer-integrated sales list.

All-in-one PC cluster tend to be "civilian"

Love at the computer sales manager introduced researh material-11, has launched more HP computer touch all-in-one PC TouchSm art 300, this machine can realize the screen more contact control. The reporter sees, and before simple touch screen is different, the computer can be set on the screen keyboard, direct contact with the office 2010 professional hand screen is striking the keyboard and get a true "multipoint" and wireless. The price is 6700 yuan only or so.

Similarly, reporters at the asus, dell and lenovo brand sales also found the same function of the body, and prices are also to be controlled in 6000 yuan, and the lenovo unit more touch all-in-one PC is more low prices, appear very "civilian". And our windows 2010 office latest asus rolls out all the touch all-in-one PC EeeTO PET2002T, is completely out of the fetters of the keyboard and mouse, the whole computer only a piece of the power cord.

download microsoft office 2010 remind

By lucy19, 10:16

download microsoft office 2010 remind

The OEM version appeared on the market for fake

Reporter in an interview in a understands, at present the official launch of W indows7 has four version, the family is the basic version of 399 yuan, 699 yuan, family senior version of the professional edition 1399 yuan and flagship Office 2007 edition 2460 yuan, of which, the family is the basic version of all the original Windows system the lowest price. And on the market at present there is a known as OEM version of the W indows7 system, the other side also has repeatedly claimed that they for the original.

Industry sources told reporters, OEM version for Microsoft to sell to the use of computer vendor version, is not foreign sales, basic equivalent to family senior version, appear on the market the OEM version most are not really OEM version ms office 2007 (don't rule out a small part of the illegal businessmen used to pretend to be family senior version), but COEM version, this version for test installed version system, once with a user's hard disk and loads bound, and may not transfer or to replace the hard disk, use process will have pretty much trouble, so want to buy W indows7 need through ms office 2010 key formal channels.

Currently available in foshan su ning or Microsoft's official website to buy to W indows7, another official designated 8844 network shopping website also is right choice.

Thursday, 29. December 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 home At the same time

By lucy19, 09:09

Microsoft Office 2010 home At the same time

Ellie women nets CEO as hangzhou said, baidu advertising housekeeper system meet the demand of the advertisers increasingly diversified launch, independent third party data report also help website better win the trust of the advertisers. Office 2010 is the best system ever.


Can be expected, as large and medium-sized website the exemplary role, and Internet advertising management system effect appears, in the future, there will be more and more postmaster choose the Internet advertising management system to help them manage advertising resources.

Six evaluation: baidu overall lead

At present, in addition to baidu, good "and Google outside, the families, Microsoft outlook 2010 changes life.

 the overflow, OpenX also have launched Internet advertising management system. Through the investigation found that airy, the AD showed the speed, the stability of the display advertising, advertising management of convenience, advertising management of practical, advertising precision and stability of the system, the six big performance is the postmaster choice AD management system of evaluating index important. The Office 2010 key is an amazing gift for me.

Erin on the basis of evaluation, the results baidu in six housekeeper advertising performance index of leading comprehensive, excellent performance.

Baidu advertising housekeeper in January 2010 official online, it is a free, stability, high speed and easy to online Internet advertising management system.







Buy Office 2010 The DNSPod hand in hand

By lucy19, 09:09

Buy Office 2010 The DNSPod hand in hand

will greatly improve the majority of Internet users to baidu and small and medium postmaster service ability and level. Microsoft Office 2010 is good.


Erin April release of China's Internet advertising management system industry research shows that 27.1% of large and medium-sized website are using Internet advertising management system. Among them, the use of baidu advertising housekeeper ( website number occupies whole to use the Internet advertising management system website 41.3% of the number. That is to say, on average every 100 companies are using Internet advertising management system and the web site is home baidu advertising housekeeper. Buy Microsoft Office to help your office work.

 This data is on the iUserTracker netizens ereli behavior monitoring system of independent covering number according to user ranking Top 1000 web site that statistics. Second is good ", 16.6%, Google DFP 14.1%, in third.

Internet advertising management system: website advertising the savior of the management

Internet advertising management system in large and medium-sized website of the "popular", show that some of the postmaster have realized that the Internet advertising accuracy and management model directly affect the website's revenue. Office 2007 key is on sale now.

 Deputy general manager ZhaoYuHao think its nets, use baidu advertising housekeeper, its net benefit, "to the advertising technology, lowest cost control personnel, it lets us advertising more simple and efficient, and even solve advertising form and precise AD area on the problem".





MS Office 2010 download The baidu DNSPod hand in hand

By lucy19, 09:08

MS Office 2010 download  The baidu DNSPod hand in hand

one of the largest and benefit from small and medium-sized websites.

Baidu and DNSPod cooperation, any site as long as DNSPod for registration in, baidu can get to the first time this information, in the past, Office 2007 has a very simple way to install.

new domain name to wait for some time to grab by the search engines. And then, baidu search engine can be more efficient and accurately identify the website of the normal subdomain and the domain name, avoid the normal domain name is flooded submerged and included the domain name of slow.

In addition, baidu spider can according to DNSPod configuration data from the more reasonable distribution of grasping, improve the normal domain name page included speed and effect. Do you ever buy the Microsoft Office 2007 ?

To this, a director said, "now a new website as long as a registered baidu spider can immediately know, greatly saving website promotion costs."

And baidu cooperation, as DNS services of the DNSPod also benefited. On the one hand can effectively reduce the baidu analytical IP of its own when pressure, Office professional 2010 will let your work faster and easier.

and even theory the pressure can down to 0; On the other hand DNSPod new site of the data to be found and included in baidu, speed up the collection of speed, and thus enhance the DNSPod service effect, have more the favour of small and medium-sized websites webmaster.

In addition to small and medium-sized websites and DNS service provider, baidu is the beneficiary of their cooperation.



MS Office 2010 key This year for "1025" the beginning of the ministry of commerce

By lucy19, 09:08

MS Office 2010 key This year for "1025" the beginning of the ministry of commerce

will put the electronic commerce as an important strategic focus on development, becomes the next phase of the construction of the informatization of gravity. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a great assistant for your daily life.

When strong consumer groups from traditional consumption into online consumption, consumption habits change brought will be upset the type business opportunities, and for a more intimate nature of retail terms of e-commerce, logistics base no doubt become the foundation of electronic commerce rapid development, the logistics infrastructure will also be the key to direct influence on the user experience.

A few days ago, the largest Chinese search engine baidu company with the well-known domestic DNS services DNSPod collaboration, Microsoft Outlook is an amazing gift for me.

 according to the cooperation agreement, baidu and DNSPod through the technology for docking DNS configuration data. Have the technology experts say, baidu and DNS services of the cooperation, no matter to baidu itself, or the DNS service provider, or to China's vast small and medium-sized websites are all big gains, is a multilateral and win-win cooperation.

According to information, DNSPod is the first domestic provide free intelligent DNS products website, has been committed to providing high quality for all kinds of website of telecommunications, netcom, double (or three line or intelligent free resolution services. Buy office 2010 likes the assistant in your office.

DNSPod except for immediate effect, not limit users to add domain name and record number, but also to provide the support of the IPv6 and the dynamic DNS function. Leading technology, also let DNSPod has been by domestic postmaster trust.



Office Professional 2010 LiYuanHai also told reporters that now good joy to buy

By lucy19, 09:07

Office Professional 2010 LiYuanHai also told reporters that now good joy to buy

new warehouse has been put into operation in Beijing, covers an area of square meters in 1, single warehouse, productivity can reach 15000 single, can effectively solve the good joy to buy order distribution and management problems. Office 2010 key is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

At the same time good joy to buy will speed up complete national 5 square meters of construction of storage, before June will be completed in original basis expansion of the warehouse storehouse and large logistics distribution, combined with an earlier delivery improve, is expected to complete a line in the second half the first to city to the next day, Office 2010 is 100% perfect.

 two three line of the city to distribution standard, from constructs the logistics will be the first start in June.

The business industry, against the flow front against distribution is electronic commerce industry internal competition, the one large window. Not long ago LiuJiangDong confirm CEO jingdong mall jingdong mall C $1.5 billion rounds of financing basic completed, logistics will be the key investment direction, and at the same time every guest sincere product this year's sales target for sales of 10 million VT units, Microsoft Office changes life.

then logistics distribution will also become the focus of attention of the most consumers, and alibaba, jingdong mall, dangdang network besides, every guest sincere products, good joy to buy, shake handshandle nets etc, also expressed that they would build logistics company or logistics platform.






Friday, 16. December 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business 2. The $1.45 billion acquisition of financial software

By lucy19, 08:25

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business 2. The $1.45 billion acquisition of financial software

 in 2002 to $1.45 billion in cash and stock Navision acquisition, and 2001, Office 2007 has a very simple way to install.

with the purchase of another financial software developers Great Plains, Navision was also into the Microsoft business solutions department. Navision business center of gravity in Europe, and Great Plains of main business focus in North America.

3. The $1.3 billion acquisition of design and drawing software developers Visio Microsoft in 1999 to $1.3 billion for Visio, it is a successful trading, the current Microsoft released every new Office, will also sales Visio software and upgrade the product. It is expected that every year for Microsoft bring Visio hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. buy office 2010 likes the assistant in your office.


4. The $1.2 billion acquisition of enterprise Search services FAST Search and Transfer Microsoft in early 2008 to $1.2 billion in cash the acquisition of the FAST Search and Transfer, a few months after the company involved in financial scandal, and spot checks by police. Even so, FAST Search and Transfer has become an important part of the Microsoft SharePoint business.

5. $940 million acquisition of financial software developers Great Plains Microsoft announced in December 2000 with $1.1 billion takeover of the Great Plains stock plan, Do you ever buy the Microsoft Office 2007 ?

but later reports said that the real deal for the amount of $940 million. Acquisition of Great Plains, Microsoft will be up for the Microsoft business solutions department. Microsoft first expected the department each year will bring to the company $10 billion revenue, but now the actual revenue only for about $1 billion.






Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student Guide language

By lucy19, 08:25

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student Guide language

foreign media today up Microsoft so far the largest pen of 15 acquisitions, at present the top is 2007 $6 billion acquisition of aQuantiv deal, but if Microsoft can the $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype, it will set a single pen of the size of the merger Microsoft hit a record high. Office 2010 beta is very easy.


The following is the article content abstract:

Reports say, Microsoft will in the eastern United States time May 10 at 8 a.m. announced $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype. If confirmed, this will be the Microsoft so far the largest single pen acquisitions.

And, it will also be the craziest Microsoft deals because one of the Microsoft already has the function of the same product with Skype, in addition to the brand and Skype a slightly different P2P (equal) technology outside, Microsoft in this deal, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a great assistant for your daily life.

he was almost nothing.

But for Microsoft is concerned, this seems crazy acquisitions is not new, the following is Microsoft so far the largest 15 pen acquisitions.

1. The $6 billion acquisition of online advertising company aQuantiv Microsoft in 2007 $6 billion acquisition of aQuantiv, mainly in order to deal with Google acquisition of DoubleClick, but the integration of the aQuantiv not smooth, Microsoft Outlook is an amazing gift for me.

Microsoft will focus again later to search advertising, most of the technology aQuantiv has been shrouded. AQuantiv former executives most also have left, including former CEO Brian mike Andrews (Brian McAndrews).






Windows 7 Second, the legislation for the administrative law enforcement permissions

By lucy19, 08:25

Windows 7 Second, the legislation for the administrative law enforcement permissions

should have specific description, "network is not only the halfway point in intellectual property, including copyright, trademark right, such as involving multiple law enforcement, Office 2010 key is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

need in the legislation departments of the authority and responsibility to be clear."

(according to xinhua news agency, Shanghai May 10-relevant link alibaba push nets goods quality certification system shenzhen special zone daily dispatch (reporter van Beijing rong) yesterday, alibaba joint in nets goods into the unknown launch platform of good quality products quality certification system, to business and product audit respectively authentication. Office 2010 download is free for you.


From yesterday on, unknown good parts of the business and sales of the commodity business must pass through this certification system of qualification examination and approval and strict quality testing, only after passing test was awarded "good business" or "good quality products" logo, ability through the platform with consumers.

According to information, unknown good quality products is now with several international authoritative third party inspection institutions for the cooperation, Office 2010 is 100% perfect.

 the platform 5 industry, more than 20 products to more than 40 of the inspection. In addition to the businessman to start the "quality", all the businessmen in the platform must be through legal industry and commerce registration and tax registration, business license, have the factory, the condition such as production line character of the enterprise production enterprise of forced the authentication. In addition, for big product or foreign name




Office 2010 trial Multi-pronged hit "one-two"

By lucy19, 08:25

Office 2010 trial Multi-pronged hit "one-two"

Legal and business expert proposal, crack network rights difficult, need to consumers, be infringing enterprise, shopping platform, regulators in effort, in civil, administrative and judicial hit "one-two".

"Consumers should improve their protection consciousness, of course, Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

also can't know the fake fake, WeiHuZuoChang." Shanghai commercial center for economic research director JiXiaoZhai said.

More important still is the self-examination and regulatory website. Experts believe that the network trade flat Taiwan side have responsibility and obligation not let fake goods circulation, not only to actively respond to complaints, and become "afterwards dozen false" Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

for "in advance dozen false", set up shop in a access system, the requirements of which its show sales of products brand licensing certificate.

Shanghai hongqiao is lawyer John YaoXi think that, in the current legal lag in the situation of the development of network technology, should let operator assumes the obligation to keep the virtual transaction records.

The network shopping law enforcement level also need to improve. Microsoft Office changes life.

Giardina mg Suggestions, first of all, law enforcement personnel should possess the timely discovery network intellectual property rights of the new problem ability, and to enhance this kind of problem of law enforcement judgement ability, can amount to exercise power;



Office 2010 professional plus The net buys rights encountering "four mountains"

By lucy19, 08:25

Office 2010 professional plus The net buys rights encountering "four mountains"

Expert analysis thinks, to be fake "distributing centre" of the network, the rights to the difficult, but after the burden, the difficult to litigation difficult, Sue HuoPei difficult this "four mountains".

Evidence difficult, difficult in the collection, preservation and evidence that difficult. There are many improvements in Office 2010 Microsoft .

 "According to China's current legal 'who claim the burden, who', e-commerce rights often needs to buy fake notarization of the process." East China university of politics and law of intellectual property rights institute professor giardina mg said, not only difficult burden, quite expensive, this in the blocked the way of the consumers.

Sue difficult, but also in the network trade "different sex" Office 2010 upgrade is on sale now.

and shopping platform to the enterprise is relatively "favour" situation, the result is difficult to find partners. Beijing dacheng law firm Shanghai branch office SunYing partners think so.

Litigation difficult, legal regulation and supervision is there are some among loopholes "time". Giardina mg think, when the new technology development very quickly, norms and standards appear certain hysteresis, Microsoft Office 2010 is cheaper than the CDs.

 "in the Supreme Court made before the judicial interpretation, the supervision formed some judicial vacuum, become 'lawless'."

HuoPei difficult, it is the consumer and enterprise in the legal process "pay more, little gain". Expert analysis points out, the prosecution violated party process trival, time is long, get returns have often is not large, so that a lot of the infringement of the helpless to give up rights.





Saturday, 03. December 2011

Office 2010 download To realize the listing of the group as a whole just like TCL

By lucy19, 05:37

Office 2010 download To realize the listing of the group as a whole just like TCL

 huizhou DaiShiChang HuangYeBin when accepting a reporter to interview revealed, huizhou government currently hold of TCL group, half of the shares to sell one's own things, also can yet be regarded as a signal, although yesterday TCL release clarification announcement to say, Office 2010 beta is very easy.

and not received about the transfer of state-owned shares of huizhou government notice. In addition, to hualing and gree, our newspaper had reported in all.

A few days ago, TCL group released "longhu plan" : in the 2005 TCL sales income is 70 billion yuan, in 2010 reach 150 billion yuan, and the formation of internationally competitive world class enterprise.

This aims to speed up TCL international process, seeking international market overall break of "longhu plan", TCL image is called "longteng worldwide, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a great assistant for your daily life.

tiger jump shenzhou", its content included in the next three to five years, multimedia display terminals and mobile information terminals of two business, set up with world-class company can be pitted against each other in competition of the international competitiveness, one of the world's top five, become the worldwide takeoff "dragon"; In the next three to five years, household appliances, information and electrician lighting three big business, and the development of cultural industry is formed the domestic leading advantage, Microsoft Outlook is an amazing gift for me.

become the shenzhou topped the "tiger".

TCL group chairman and President li said, for strong implementation "longhu plan", 2004 TCL will focus on the advantage resources, and go all out to promote TCL Thomson project, and in the main market has leading market share and brand awareness.